Pre-Consultation Checklist

  • For patients, please print this out and circle 5-10 questions that are most relevant to your upcoming visit.

  • For audiologists, you can ask your patients to circle 5-10 most relevant questions prior to the consultation. This could improve the quality of the consultation.
  1. What does the test using pattern and level and interpretation do for me?
  2. What does a pure tone and speech test do for me?
  3. How much does the complete test cost?
  4. Why should I do more than one test?
  5. Does this testing help my doctor or hearing healthcare provider?
  6. Why can’t I just use speakers?
  7. How long does the test take?
  8. Who sees my test results?
  9. How accurate is the test?
  10. What headphones work with this test?
  11. How does background noise affect the test?
  12. What soundcard works best?
  13. How young can a child be to be tested with this system?
  14. What happens if I respond slowly?
  15. Does this test give a diagnosis?
  16. What does classification mean?
  17. What does level mean?
  18. What does dB level mean?
  19. What does hearing pattern mean?
  20. What does normal mean?
  21. What does Sensorineural mean?
  22. What does conductive mean?
  23. What does permanent mean?
  24. What does low frequency mean?
  25. What does low pitch mean?
  26. What do speech frequencies mean?
  27. What does loudness mean?
  28. What does selective mean?
  29. What does calibration mean?
  30. What does ANSI or ISO standard mean?
  31. What does FDA mean?
  32. What does a response button do?
  33. Why do I have to click or respond as soon as I hear the tone?
  34. What do beep and click mean?
  35. Do I have to make sure the headphones are on the proper ear?
  36. What does confidence mean?
  37. What does accuracy mean?
  38. What is an audiologist?
  39. What is an Otologist or Otolaryngologist?
  40. What is a hearing healthcare provider?
  41. Will my insurance pay for this test?
  42. Will my employer accept this test for their hearing conservation program?
  43. Can I save this test somewhere?
  44. What happens if I stop the test?
  45. What happens if I don’t get the results back?
  46. What happens if I can’t print the results?
  47. How long do I have to wait for the results?
  48. When should I have more than one test?
  49. Why do I hear something’s better than others?
  50. How often should I test my hearing?
  51. Is normal hearing the same for everyone?
  52. Why do people talk louder when they have a hearing problem?
  53. Why do some people with a hearing problem speak softer?
  54. Why does background affect some people more than others?
  55. Does the pinna or outside of the ear do anything?
  56. Why does my ear canal itch?
  57. What good does wax in the ear do?
  58. When my doctor looks in my ear can he see if I have a hearing loss?
  59. How loud is too loud?
  60. Why does music have to be so loud a clubs and concerts?
  61. Does all hearing protection work?
  62. What is the best hearing protection?
  63. What does the resonance frequency mean?
  64. What frequencies do we really hear?
  65. Do animals hear better than humans?
  66. Why can I hear better on the phone?
  67. Does smoking effect my hearing?
  68. Does alcohol effect my hearing?
  69. Does pot effect my hearing?
  70. Do some people have super hearing?
  71. Can hearing aids damage hearing?
  72. Should I wear my hearing aids in bed?
  73. Should I wear my hearing aids at work?
  74. Does the size of hearing aid make any difference?
  75. What is an audiologist?
  76. What’s the difference between an Otologist and Otolaryngologist?
  77. Why training do hearing aid dispensers have?
  78. What laws cover the sale of hearing aids?
  79. Does my employer have to protect my ears from noise?
  80. If I work in noise how often should I get my hearing tested?
  81. Why can’t I tell what direction sound is coming from?
  82. Why does some noise wake people up and other do not?
  83. Can people feel some sounds?
  84. Can I get an ear transplant?
  85. Can holes in the ear drum be patched?
  86. Does surgery on the bones of hearing work?
  87. Do tubes always stop ear infections?
  88. Do tubes in the ear reduce the number of colds?
  89. Can I swim with tubes in my ears?
  90. What does it mean when the ear turns red?
  91. Can ears be trained to hear better?
  92. Why is it harder to hear in church?
  93. Why is harder to understand someone with an accent?
  94. Do normal hearing people have trouble hearing sometimes?
  95. Does cupping your hand behind your ear improve hearing?
  96. Why when sometimes I blow my nose I can hear better?
  97. What causes an ear to pop?
  98. Why do airplane rides plug up your ears?
  99. Does popping yours improve hearing?
  100. What causes ears to hurt when you fly?
  101. Does candling improve hearing?
  102. Why do males usually have poorer hearing in their left ear?
  103. Why does shooting seem to damage the left more often?
  104. Can one loud noise blast cause hearing damage?
  105. Why can’t we tell when we have a hearing loss?
  106. Why do people with a hearing loss say other people mumble?
  107. Why do hearing aids always seem to get associated with old age?
  108. Why do some hearing aid batteries last longer than others?
  109. How many hearing aid batteries should I buy at a time?
  110. Why do hearing aids cost so much?
  111. Are digital hearing aids better than Analog hearing aids?
  112. Why do hearing aids have to cost so much?
  113. Are custom hearing aids best?
  114. Are custom hearing aids really built one at a time?
  115. Why can I hear better in some rooms of the house?
  116. Why are female voices harder to hear than males?
  117. Does hearing affect speech and language?
  118. What sounds are hardest to hear?
  119. Are sounds that are annoying always damaging?
  120. Do combinations of things cause more hearing problems?
  121. Does hearing ever get better?
  122. Can I learn to block out sounds I don’t want to hear?
  123. What is perfect pitch?
  124. What type of music causes the most hearing problems?
  125. Can I tell when someone has a hearing problem?
  126. Do people fake hearing loss?
  127. Do people fake normal hearing?
  128. Why do people deny a hearing problem?
  129. Why do people with a hearing loss stare at you when your talking?
  130. Why do people with hearing problems try to control the conversation?
  131. Why do people with hearing problems drink alone?
  132. Why don’t people tell you when they have a hearing problem?
  133. If my family says I don’t hear are they right?
  134. Do people with a hearing problem know they have it?
  135. Why do there seem to be more people with hearing problems?
  136. What age groups have the most hearing problems?
  137. Does swimming cause ear infections?
  138. Does heat or cold affect hearing?
  139. What is nerve deafness?
  140. Can hearing problems be fatal?
  141. What hearing problems cannot be helped with a hearing aid?
  142. Who can give me the best advice about my hearing loss?
  143. I think I have a hearing problem what should I do first?
  144. What hearing aid company makes the best hearing aid?
  145. Does paying more for a hearing aid mean I will hear better?
  146. Can hearing loss from age or noise be helped with surgery or medications?
  147. Can a medical specialist really tell what is wrong with my hearing so fast?
  148. Are programmable hearing aids better?
  149. Why should I wear my hearing aid when I am alone?
  150. Are two hearing aids always necessary?
  151. Do hearing aid batteries last longer in the refrigerator?
  152. Can some people hear better in noise without their hearing aids?
  153. Why do my ears ring when I take some medications that my doctor gave me?
  154. Does scuba diving cause hearing loss?
  155. Does noise in my ear mean I have a hearing problem?
  156. What medications can cause hearing problems?
  157. What is a complete audiological assessment?
  158. What is a communication only problem?
  159. Why does hearing usually change when we get older age?
  160. What is normal hearing for different ages?
  161. If my hearing is normal why do I have trouble hearing in noise?
  162. Why do I hear better with one hear than the other?
  163. Does dizziness cause hearing loss?
  164. Does pain in the ear mean my hearing is down?
  165. Why do my ears feel full and the doctors say nothing is wrong?
  166. Should I have the wax removed from my ears?
  167. Why does my child keep getting lots of wax in their ears?
  168. How can I reduce the pain from an ear infection until I can see a doctor?
  169. Do Antibiotics always help and ear infections?
  170. When does a person need ventilation tubes in their ears?
  171. How long do tubes stay in the eardrum?
  172. What does a blocked Eustachian tube mean?
  173. What does a retracted eardrum mean?
  174. Why does an infection cause pain?
  175. Why didn’t my child’s hearing improve after tubes?
  176. Why does my child still seem like they can’t hear when the test is normal?
  177. Why does my child talk so loud?
  178. Do hearing problems affect reading, spelling, and behavior?
  179. What does a retracted eardrum mean?
  180. Can fluid in the ear be infected or uninfected?
  181. What causes discharge from the ear?
  182. What is a perforated eardrum?
  183. Will the hole in my child’s eardrum heal?
  184. Why don’t they do something to stop recurrent infections?
  185. How do I know when my child has a hearing loss?
  186. How long do infections last?
  187. Does dizziness ever go away?
  188. Can some prescription drugs cause hearing problems?
  189. Why do sounds seem too loud just after they were comfortable?
  190. Why do loud sounds cause noise-induced hearing loss?
  191. Are young ears stronger than older ears?
  192. What age does noise-induced hearing start at?
  193. Can children get noise-induced hearing loss?
  194. Why won’t don’t some people get a hearing aid?
  195. Why do people with hearing problems seem to talk loudly?
  196. Why do people with hearing problems try to control the conversation?
  197. Why do people with hearing problems seem to hear normally sometimes?
  198. Does fluid in the ears ever go away by itself?
  199. Why do my ears hurt when I fly?
  200. Why does the doctor tell me to pop my ears?
  201. Are sinus problems related to hearing problems?
  202. What parts of the ear do allergies affect?
  203. Why do my ears gurgle?
  204. Why do I feel air coming out of my ear when I pop my ears?
  205. Does swimming cause ear infections?
  206. Can I swim with tubes in my ears?
  207. Can I use cotton swabs to clean my ears?
  208. How often should I clean the wax out of my ears?
  209. Why do my ears itch more as I get older?
  210. Why does hurt when the doctor cleans my ears?
  211. What happens if my test results are not correct?
  212. Are tumors of the ear common?
  213. Do personal hearing protectors always protect my hearing?
  214. How much shooting can I do before my hearing is affected?
  215. Why do they make me wear hearing protection at work when it does not seem noisy?
  216. What is the best type of hearing protection?
  217. Can loud noise cause balance problems or make me feel sick?
  218. Why do I need a hearing test when I am only dizzy?
  219. What causes ringing in the ear?
  220. Why is the type of noise and which ear I have it in so important?
  221. Why does my hearing seem to better at different times of the day?
  222. Who should clean my ears?
  223. Why does my child’s hearing get worse with a cold?
  224. Why does my child’s hearing seem better in the summer?
  225. Why do people with hearing problems stop going out to dinner?
  226. Why do people with hearing problems want to be alone?
  227. Why do people with hearing problems stare at people when they are talking?
  228. Why do people with hearing problems hear some quiet sounds?
  229. Does hearing have to get worse with age?
  230. Why do some sounds hurt?
  231. Can I swim with tubes in my ears?
  232. Are tubes for draining the ears?
  233. Are two ears better than one?
  234. Why do males seem to have more trouble hearing?
  235. Do females get noise-induced hearing problems?
  236. Do females hear better than males?
  237. Do different pitches of noise in the ear mean anything?
  238. Do hearing aids help the ringing in the ear?
  239. Do hearing aids have to have volume controls?
  240. Do all hearing aids whistle or have feedback?
  241. How often do ear molds for hearing aids need changing?
  242. Why does wax cause problems with hearing aids?
  243. What causes the echo in my hearing?
  244. Why do I hear better in the morning?
  245. Why is tinnitus louder at night?
  246. What is normal middle ear pressure?
  247. What is a middle ear muscle reflex?
  248. Why do my ears pop?
  249. Does swimming cause ear infections?
  250. How does hearing change with age?
  251. Do ear canals get smaller with age?
  252. Why do ears need to be cleaned more with age?
  253. Does wax get harder with age?