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We provide services related to hearing aids, hearing tests, hearing-related accessories, and cleaning tools.




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Primary Services


Hearing Aids

We design the devices that perfectly fits within your ear.

Recommendations of all types of hearing aids, listening devices, and specialty hearing-related devices

Referrals to reputable hearing aids providers

Assessments of hearing aid manufacturers


Hearing Test

We do the hearing test online and physically at our clinic.

Free wellness online hearing tests

Professional hearing tests

Interpretation of test results


Referrals to other professionals

Free wellness online Hearing Tests with interpretation.

Full professional online pure tone and speech test with interpretation and hearing tracking.

Professional unbiased Interpretation of all types and classifications of online Hearing Tests Results.

Second opinions for all types of hearing services and products.

Independent unbiased recommendations of all types of hearing aids, listening devices, and specialty hearing-related devices.

Recommendations of rehabilitation need based on online hearing tests for children and adults.

Professional advice on costs of hearing aids and hearing testing services.

Referrals to reputable providers of hearing aids .

Unbiased professional recommendations assessments of hearing aid manufacturers.

Referrals to audiological and medical service providers.

Common Misconceptions of Hearing and Hearing Aids

  • Hearing loss and hearing aids are only for the old
  • Hearing aids do not work very well unless you pay a lot
  • Hearing aids cost too much 
  • Hearing aids are complicated 
  • Hearing aids are hard to support.
  • Hearing aids make you look old, and they are big and use lots of batteries 
  • Hearing aids do not work in the noise
  • Hearing aids only make things louder they do not improve understanding
  • Hearing aids that cost so much should supply normal hearing
  • Hearing aids are expensive to fix
  • All hearing aids work the same so Cheap hearing aids work just as well 
  • Wearing hearing aids all the time is not necessary
  • All my friends have the same hearing problem and we all can hear
  • I do not need advice; I know more than professionals about my problem
  • Never told that I needed hearing aids, or I had to wear them all the time
  • The manual is too complicated 
  • I do not need them when I am alone
  • They are too complicated to get it right
  • Batteries should not run down overnight
  • I do not need to hear everything, I heard it all before
  • Children are wrong and my hearing is normal
  • My only problem is wax, the test cannot be right, I am not that bad, I hear everything
  • Grandchildren speak too low and everyone just mumbles

Other Symptoms Associated with Reduced Cognitive Skills

  • reduced visual acuity, 
  • reduced tactile response, 
  • reduced fine motor controls, 
  • reduced reaction time, 
  • reduction in short term memory, 
  • social withdrawal, 
  • reduced motivation and resistance to change, 
  • decreased physical mobility, 
  • only associating with people with similar problems, 
  • general mistrust of offers of help, 
  • mistrust of advertising, 
  • reduced access to routine travel, 
  • acceptance of disease states as inevitable, 
  • acceptance of missed communication as normal, 
  • acceptance of isolation as part of aging, 
  • limited family contact.